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To do better,moncler soldes france, and has the twentieth session of the 4 party vote in elections office party members a total of 226 thousand and 783 people,occhiali da vista, busy work. existence of tax has a great deceptivegenerally thousands of times as high as above The Red Army division of wrongdoing a flagrant violation of the Party Central Committee will be brought to the Red Army Command is not conducive to the development of the Red Army in the strategy of the Chuan Kang border just Comrade Zhang Guotao's opportunism finally completed " now the chairman should be summed up as" the formation of the West Road army is finally completed Zhang Guotao's opportunism in the West failure is the final bankruptcy of "Zhang Guotao's opportunism is more realistic and vivid and West army headquarters until a few leaders on the eve of the failure not to reflect on their own problems reflect them away about 1/3 of the force was the main force of the Red Army after the toss is muddleheaded ruined so many Red Army soldiers life lost is so confused and tragic but actually is central to shirk responsibility two is still to the central to fourth the thirty-one army establishment so Mao Zedong is harsh to say is the Red Army "in the west" -- because of the formation of Zhang Guotao and the four army headquarters of the "illegitimate child" of the river and although on the surface of the central Mao Zedong telegraph from but in essence is the implementation of the Zhang Guotao's west line of retreat is to save them They returned to the East and is determined to come back at the table after the failure of their own or jacked it To march by Zhang Guotao since the realignment departmentalism highly poisoned the West army " Indeed for the West Road army is the victory declared bankruptcy or bankruptcy Zhang Guotao line declared bankruptcy Zhang Guotao line are manipulated in the hands of a number of leaders in the west If the West army obeyed Mao Zedong central command or with the situation or to return east east and the greatest determination to fight the enemy and stable Shandan Yongchang base is difficult to adhere to a few months with the change of the overall situation the situation is likely to improve in the West may face a good prospect -- "in order to win Zhang Guotao declared bankruptcy" - Mao Zedong execution route strategy indicating the results; and to the west is high fall their army headquarters should be aware of the East return Mao Zedong the central is how happy immediately arranged with the corresponding measures the result is futile a few days back in the West so the west West army failed speed is "to announce Zhang Guotao's bankruptcy route failure" of course the majority of officers and men are innocent forced helpless as in the central base excluded Mao Zedong although every time to argue but opinion was not accepted seeing to the central error instruction is executed when the thought and lament in turn the number of Red Army soldiers to do the sacrifice of life in vain but this is the cruel reality; so Mao Zedong met back from Xinjiang West army senior generals said: the West army failed mainly Zhang Guotao does not perform the correct route of the Party Central Committee; West army is defeated but this is not to say that the West army officers and soldiers without effort they are brave and tenacious Here Mao Zedong is a strategy to the Red Army forces since Zhang Guotao and the Quartet has consistently adhered to the anti party Red Army split face west army leadership intends to separate rational dialectical only like Mao Zedong such political leaders in order to have such a broad mind to make such a precise judgment Because of Mao Zedong's famous thesis just have a series of similar formulations in 1937 Mao Zedong's thesis in the former is the source Mao Zedong who can make such judgments Step back and say is added on the back it did not change the actual meaning of this statement was accurate and meaningful But today I would like to ask these questions you are engaged in academic research or under the guise of academic research to achieve what kind of purpose some scholars on the Mao Zedong about the West Road army when the failure of the thesis questioned such as saying although only a short sentence but it contains a rich content of the West Road army evaluation First of all Mao Zedong stressed that the "West Road army's failure mainly the results of Zhang Guotao's opportunism errors He does not carry out the correct course of the central government " This means that the majority of soldiers by Zhang Guotao West army private control without the leadership of the party in the west is Zhang Guotao for personal gain; secondly "he fears the Kuomintang reactionary forces and fear of Japanese imperialism" The majority of the officers and men of the West army implies that the expedition from the Anti Japanese front line is negative to avoid war is retreatism and hquidationism; third "not by the central army will secretly transfer to the Yellow River" The West Army crossing is Zhang Guotao's personal behavior this behavior has caused extremely serious consequences on the one hand he destroyed the central government established the "battle of Ningxia" plan on the other hand the West army suspending the west caused the final failure of the West Road army; and "attempting to go to northwest be safe engage in turf independence to the Central good lord it over others" negative West army in Yongchang according to the practice of engaging in Shandan even further deny the West army shoulder the mission of "open international routes"" [Li Fahong: "since the reform and opening up the West Road Army Research Review" "He Xi University journal" in 2008 third P33-34] the whole section of this discussion is a feature of the "if".

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